Friday, July 20, 2007

New to the Blogging world!!!!

Mark and I are back from a wonderful honeymoon in St. Lucia! We had so much fun. Our wedding was great! We were so happy to see everyone we loved. It was truly the most wonderful and humbling experience of my life. Mark and I have truly been blessed with the best friends and family a person could ever ask for. It was such a happy day!
Mark went back to work on Wednesday and I got bored. I began playing around on the internet. One of my dearest friends, Whitney Williams, turned me on to blogging, and I have to say that I have become somewhat of a blog stalker. So, as if I don't have a thousand other things I need to be doing, I decided to create a blog of my own. I can assure you that I will be the only contributor to the blog, seeing that Mark rolls his eyes everytime he catches me looking at someone elses. However, I've added his name just in case I ever change his mind. Hopefully, our blog will look a lot better as I continue learning how to do stuff. I'm going to try and post a link to our photographers website so everyone can view pictures from the wedding. We got our proofs back today and I can't wait to show them off!