Monday, December 10, 2007

Bloggin Break

Once again, it's been a while. I thought I would write and post some pics before Christmas has come and gone. Some pictures below are from my friend Sally Moore Williams' wedding, Thanksgiving, Christmas Parade, and then some randoms. Mark and I had a great Thanksgiving break. We left for Atlanta on Wednesday, so I got a chance to see my sister and hang out with my family for the beginning of the week. We had a great time in Atlanta. Mark's parents have finally moved into their new home and it is gorgeous! Mark and I caught the building bug and have been looking at house plans for the past few weeks, but I'm sure this is going to pass, partly because we can't even agree on tile! We change our "plan" every other week. I've gotten used to the idea of living in our downtown apartment for a while. While we were in Atlanta, we got to hang out with Stefani, Brian, and Ty. He was just precious. We all had a great time, ate way too much, and enjoyed getting to see one another. We did have a horrible ending to such a great week. On Friday night, I came down with the stomach virus. It was horrible. Mark was so sweet though, he stayed up with me all night, and then ended up coming down with it himself on Saturday. By the time we left on Sunday, EVERYONE had it, and they even had to take Stefani to the ER! We can finally laugh about it now, but I do believe I would rather die that to ever have that bug again! Well, I'm going to make it a personal goal to try and blog at least once a week through the holidays. I get out of school on December 21st and I'm so excited!!! My girlfriends from college and I are heading off to Nashville for that weekend. We're staying at the Opryland Hotel and going to see the Rockettes! I'm so ready for a vacation, even for just a weekend!