Wednesday, December 10, 2008

4 MONTHS!!!!

I decided to finally sit down and update this blog since it's been 4 MONTHS!! I realized last night than an entire season has passed since my last post. I think that might be a record. Mark and I have been busy working and just hanging out with friends and family. I won't bore you (if there's anyone who still checks this thing) with a recap of the last four months. I will say that Mark and I, along with my mom and dad, are leaving for NYC this Friday to visit my sister. I will definitely be posting pictures from our trip. This will be sort of like a two year "engagement" anniversary trip for Mark and me. We were engaged almost two years ago in NYC. We're jamming a lot of stuff into one weekend, lots of dining out, sight seeing, shopping, and broadway. I have been counting down the days. We're going to celebrate my sister's graduation. She just graduated with honors from the French Culinary Institute as a pastry chef. I'm so proud of her! Mark is already talking about how much weight we're both gonna gain once she moves back to Corinth! I've missed her so much. In honor of her, I'll post a picture of a cake she made while she was home for Thanksgiving. She made this thing like it was nothing! I was amazed, and I promise you, it tasted just as heavenly as it looks! More posts to come!

Oh, and I had to add a random picture of Mark with Oscar on Thanksgiving. Oscar had too much turkey, and this is how he was the rest of the night! He was just like a little noodle! Love him!