Monday, April 23, 2012

11 Months

I'm just a little late on posting, but on April 11th, Harper and Henry turned 11 months old!  I cannot believe that my little bitty babies are about to be a year old.  I know I say this every month, but time really does go by so fast.  I wish I could just hit the pause button for a while.  I really love this stage.  It seems like they learn something new every day.  You can almost see the wheels turning in their little heads.

Harper, sweet girl, you continue to be our little spitfire.  You are crawling EVERYWHERE these days, and pulling up on anything that stands still.  I really think you'll be walking soon.  You had your first busted lip this month.  I was standing right beside you as you pulled yourself up on our ottoman, and in an instant, you fell and busted your lip.  I felt horrible.  You got over it fast because I gave you your first popsicle.  You LOVED it and got really mad at me when I had to take it away.  You still love your food, and we recently tried cheese and you really liked it.  You have started being picky about the things you will eat.  If you don't like something, you spit it out entirely.  Drives me crazy.  However, you seem to do that more with daddy than with me.  You can say, "mama," "dada," "bye bye," "gan gan," and most recently you started saying, "uh oh."  It's so cute.  When you drop something, or fall down, you look at me and say, "uh oh!"  You have also started giving mommy and daddy kisses.  I can't tell you enough how much I love your kisses.  I pray you save those kisses for just mommy and daddy until you are AT LEAST 30!  Deal?  You still aren't sleeping through the night, but you are doing a lot better.  You have your two front bottom teeth, and your two upper front teeth have just made their debut.  Your little smile is just infectious.  I love you, sweet girl.

Henry, bitty bear, you are just the sweetest natured child I've ever met.  You have started "army" crawling and Daddy and I are so proud of you.  You work so hard, and you get really winded, but you are trying your best to crawl and get around like Harper.  You are tough as nails, too.  When you fall, or bump your head, you just smile.  You recently fell so hard that you had a little bump pop up on your head, but you didn't shed the first tear.  You have six teeth, and you are working on your canines.  According to daddy, those are pretty tough, but you don't seem bothered in the least.  You are eating a lot better for us.  Actually, I would even say you are eating better than Harper these days.  You can say, "mama," "dada," and "bye bye!"  You LOVE for me to sing "Little Bunny Foo Foo," and "The Little Birdie Song!"  You LOVE bath time, and I have a feeling you are going to really love going to the pool this summer.  You have started giving mommy and daddy hugs.  You don't like for us to give you kisses, but you LOVE to give hugs.  Those hugs are the highlight of my day.  I love you, Henry.    

Our First Easter

We had a wonderful Easter weekend.  We did not go to church this year, but hopefully, we'll be there next year.  

The Easter Bunny stopped by our house.

 Hanging out with Grandmommy, or as Harper calls her, "Gan gan!"

Meeting Our Second Family

The week before Easter, Mark and I surprised his co-workers with a visit from Harper and Henry.  These women, and men, are honestly like our second family.  We love them, and it really meant the world to us to finally be able to introduce them to our babies.  I think they enjoyed our little visit, too.  Harper and Henry loved all the attention.  

 Henry with Mrs. Amanda (Bless it!)

 Harper had to warm up to everyone first...but then she was my little social butterfly.

 Smiles with Mrs. Diane

 Hanging out with BB and Uncle Edward in the background.

 Harper meeting Mrs. Amanda and Mrs. Cindy

 Harper with Mrs. Linda

 Harper LOVED Mrs. Mary's glasses

 Henry with Mrs. Gina

Henry with mommy.  Getting his first taste of pizza crust.  He was a fan.

 Henry with Mrs. Sherra

 Henry flirted with all the girls.  Such a ladies man.

 Sweet Henry

Sweet Harper

Sunday, April 8, 2012


To me, this is what life is really all about. Sitting in bed with the people I love most in this world, singing silly songs and just being happy. I can't think of a better way to begin our Easter Sunday. What a wonderful day!

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pictures and an explanation

These are some pictures from my phone that wouldn't load on my last update:

We went to see Uncle Nate last week. He gave the babies their first chiropractic adjustment. Harper cried the whole time, and Henry laughed.

Harper and Henry got to meet sweet Liz!! They just loved her. Henry was such a flirt! Elizabeth has prayed for these babies and has been such a sweet support to me this past year.

Our house is officially FOR SALE!! When Mark and I bought our home, we knew that we would eventually grow out of it one day, we just didn't realize that day would come so soon. We have prayed about this, and we feel like now is the time to sell. We are really excited about our future possibilities, but if I'm being honest, I'm a little sad. This little house is where we came home with our babies, so I'm a little sentimental about the whole thing.

Now, an explanation about my furry child, Grover. I mentioned in my last post that he now lives with my parents, and I feel the need to explain. Last year, when I was admitted to the hospital, Grover went to stay with my parents. We had no idea when I checked into the med that we wouldn't be home for 18 weeks. During that time, Grover got really attached to my parents and their dog, Oscar. Anyway, when we finally came home my nerves were already frazzled from the emotional toll of everything, and with not one, but two crying babies at home, a puppy who wanted my undivided attention too was just more than I could handle. This is why Grover now lives with my parents. Before I had children, Grover was my baby. I even got mad at friends who told me that would change one day when children came along, but you know, they were right. Although I will always love that little fur ball, my children mean so much more to me. Trust me, Grover gets the royal treatment at my parents house. I don't think he would ever want to come back home now.

I promised a video of Harper crawling so here it is...

YouTube Video

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

On the Go

This past week was a very exciting week for our little family.  Last Tuesday, March 27th to be exact, Harper girl completely sat up on her own.  The very next day she started crawling.  Today, a week later,  she is a crawling machine.  When she crawls she talks and I promise you it sounds like she is saying, "go, go, go!"  It's hilarious.  This past week, we also started introducing Harper and Henry to friends and family.  Now, we are taking baby steps getting them out, but we are, in fact, getting out.  We still have lots of people to meet, but we are taking small steps.  We were strongly encouraged to not place them in daycare or nurseries just yet, so we will wait until maybe next year before we do that.  You also won't see us in Walmart any time soon, but if you happen to be driving in our neighborhood or my parent's neighborhood, you just might see us! :)  Mark and I are having so much fun planning things to do with the babies this summer.  Lots of visits to the church playground, the pool, the zoo, and even the beach.  

There's not a day that goes by that I don't thank God for his blessings.  Blessings that I certainly don't deserve, but  am so grateful for.  I am a worrier by nature, so suddenly being able to get out with the babies, after an almost year of isolation, has been very hard for me.  I am praying constantly for God to calm my fears and just let this be a summer of fun for our little family.  Below are some pictures from last week.  I have a few more pictures of some visits from friends and a little video of Harper crawling.  I'll try and post those tomorrow.   

Harper and Henry with my niece, Ashley
Harper with Uncle Clint

Henry with Aunt Beck Beck

Henry meeting my nephew, Adam

Visiting Grandmommy's house for the first time.  As you can see, our furry child now lives there.  That's a story for another blog post, but I was shocked at how much Harper LOVED Grover.  I can't say the feeling was mutual. 

Sweet little monkeys