Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pictures and an explanation

These are some pictures from my phone that wouldn't load on my last update:

We went to see Uncle Nate last week. He gave the babies their first chiropractic adjustment. Harper cried the whole time, and Henry laughed.

Harper and Henry got to meet sweet Liz!! They just loved her. Henry was such a flirt! Elizabeth has prayed for these babies and has been such a sweet support to me this past year.

Our house is officially FOR SALE!! When Mark and I bought our home, we knew that we would eventually grow out of it one day, we just didn't realize that day would come so soon. We have prayed about this, and we feel like now is the time to sell. We are really excited about our future possibilities, but if I'm being honest, I'm a little sad. This little house is where we came home with our babies, so I'm a little sentimental about the whole thing.

Now, an explanation about my furry child, Grover. I mentioned in my last post that he now lives with my parents, and I feel the need to explain. Last year, when I was admitted to the hospital, Grover went to stay with my parents. We had no idea when I checked into the med that we wouldn't be home for 18 weeks. During that time, Grover got really attached to my parents and their dog, Oscar. Anyway, when we finally came home my nerves were already frazzled from the emotional toll of everything, and with not one, but two crying babies at home, a puppy who wanted my undivided attention too was just more than I could handle. This is why Grover now lives with my parents. Before I had children, Grover was my baby. I even got mad at friends who told me that would change one day when children came along, but you know, they were right. Although I will always love that little fur ball, my children mean so much more to me. Trust me, Grover gets the royal treatment at my parents house. I don't think he would ever want to come back home now.

I promised a video of Harper crawling so here it is...

YouTube Video

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