Sunday, June 26, 2011

Harper Girl is HOME!!

Friday was very bittersweet!  We got to bring our sweet girl home from the hospital after 6 weeks of hoping and praying to have her home.  However, it was so hard to leave our precious Henry behind.  I have had a very hard time dealing with this, and having it finally here was tough.  We apologize for not telling anyone about Harper's homecoming, but I have been in a state of disbelief, panic, and guilt.  Friday, Mark and I kept asking the nurses if they REALLY were sure they wanted to let the two of us take her home.  She's so tiny and I am constantly worried that I'm going to break her.  Luckily, everything has been just fine and we have already had a visit from her Home Health nurse.  I got a little panicked when the nurse mentioned that we should notify the fire department and 911 office that she was home.  Of all the things I've checked off my list, I hadn't even thought of that!  The past 24 hours all I have thought of is the movie Look Who's Talking.  I can only imagine what this sweet girl must be thinking of her crazy parents. I'm sure if Mark and I had been filmed it would be an instant comedy.  But, we are adjusting just fine.  My mom has spent the weekend with Henry and she is constantly texting me pictures, so I haven't had the meltdown that Mark and I were just sure was coming.  The weekend's not over yet!  Below are some pictures from Friday and Harper's first night at home.  Thank you all again for your many prayers, and sweet messages of encouragement.  Mark and I are so grateful, and we just ask that you keep praying for our family during this transitional time.  We won't feel complete until our sweet Henry is at home with us.

Saying goodbye to Henry.  This was the first time they had been together since they were born.

This is what mommy was doing as well!

Harper saying goodbye to Dr. Jacques and Dr. Joi.  We love them so much!  

Saying goodbye to Dr. Ferguson!  We love him, too!

Getting ready for the long ride home.

So cute in my car seat.

Goodbye room 430!  

She slept the entire ride home.  She's such a good baby!

Walking in to her new home!

So sweet!

Gonna stay in mommy and daddy's bedroom until brother comes home!

I think she likes her new bed.

Daddy took the very late night feedings! :)


Allison C. said...

Y'all will be the best parents...i just know it. She is so precious. I got teary eyed just looking at those pics. I can't imagine how y'all must have fish out of water Im sure! Hang in there! I pray it won't be too much longer and Henry will be home with his fam too! Thinking of you soooo much and praying for you 4. Love you so much!

Tara said...

It is hard to wrap my head around how tiny 4lbs is. That picture of her in that car seat really helped. She is just precious! I love you so much! God is using you to minister and witness to so many people!

elise said...

YAY Harper, Congratulations on being home! How very excited and nervous your parents must be! We are continuing to pray everyday that brother Henry will join you very soon! And that you will just grow,grow,grow like a little weed!!
You are two very special and precious little miracles who have touched the lives of so many already!

God Bless,
Elise Choate

Robin said...

I am so delighted for you, Mark and Harper! I know it will be a happy day when Henry is finally home to complete your family. Love and Best Wishes. Robin McNeill

Susanne said...

Rob and I have been following you all on your journey and praying for you all. We are so thankful for every blessing along the way. We love you and are so happy to see your babies thriving. Isn't God so good ??

Janie said...

I have been following your blogs and Jessia McClamroch keeps me informed. I also brought a 4 lb baby home after a month in the hospital! He is now 12 years old and as talk as me!!! People use to ask me was a I nervous about him being home but he was my first and I didn't know any different! I promise you will be fine and she won't break!! Continuing to prayer for your baby boy!! He is in the Lord's hands....the safest of all! I thought leaving him on the hospital was the hardest thing I had ever done until he was 2 then he had open heart surgery. Thought that was the hardest until his father had a lung transplant in 2004. The pain I felt then for my two boys was more than I thought I could stand until he passed away in 2008. Having to deal with my childrens grief is far more the hardest thing I have ever had to go through! The Lord has been with us through it all! I tell you all this to say... Continue as you are doing by putting your faith and hope in Him!

holl5481 said...

Love & prayers continue in behalf of your precious family...your blog is fantastic & I really appreciate you're posting it...welcome home Harper...gloria glenn holloway : )