Monday, January 7, 2008

Mark's Worst Nightmare

I was looking on tonight, and I came across this picture. First of all, let me stress how much my husband loves OLE MISS!!! Being the Mississippi State girl that I am, or once was, I got a kick out of Mark's reaction to the picture above. Now, bless her heart, I know she's going through a lot, and I really applaud her for her decision to keep her baby, BUT, check out the book she's carrying in her hand. This picture absolutely disgusts my husband. He was even talking about notifying the University to see what can be done about this embarrassment to his alma mater. I hope someone gets a kick out of this! I know I did!!!


katie ray said...

that's really funny! but seriously, what is she doing anyway? i need to come to corinth one day to go to waits, and would love to go to lunch! i'll call you!

katie ray said...

it's time for another post! this seems to be how i keep up with everyone lately! i have just tagged you! hope you and mark are doing well! miss seeing you!