Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oh, what a night!!

Saturday night, Mark and I had our family over for the big "gender reveal!"  Since Mark and I cheated and found out Wednesday, we decided it would be special to have our moms cut the cakes!

The cakes!!!  We had to stand guard once our family started arriving.  I just knew my mom was going to swipe some icing to reveal the color underneath.

Baby A is a BOY!!  

My mom cut into Baby B's cake!  What you can't see is that she is sobbing!  We were all so excited!

Baby B is a GIRL!!

My niece, Ashley!  She and her brother, Austin, are the first set of boy/girl twins in our family!

This might be the worst picture I've ever taken, but how cute are my babies!!  My sister in law, Jessica, gave me these frames as a Christmas present.  She was convinced I was having a boy and a girl!

We are just overjoyed!  I was completely convinced that I was having two little boys!  I would have loved that, too, but this is just perfect.  Mark has been saying since the very first ultrasound that we were having a boy and a girl.  He might just be the happiest man alive right now.  We are just so grateful to God for these two little miracles. We have such wonderful friends and family who already love these babies so much, and have been praying for them from the moment they were conceived.  Mark and I continue to pray for their health and safety.  We pray that they will be born healthy and strong and will know from the moment they enter this world they their mom and dad love them so much.  Now we have to really narrow down our names.  We have a top 5 list of boy and girl names.  Hopefully, we will choose one soon.  I want to start praying for my babies by name.  If you are reading this, please keep our little boy and girl in your prayers.  We believe in the power of prayer and we covet all that we can get.   


Rebecca said...

So excited for ya'll!! Congratulations!!

Megan said...

So fun! ...and EXCITING!

elise said...

I am so thrilled for yall, Katie Ray keeps me updated on everyone up that way. And she told me yall were expecting twins! But WOW a boy and a girl. I know words can't describe your joy! I love that you'll be updating, can't wait to read about yalls journey! Prayers for a safe, healthy pregnancy and healthy babies are headed your way! Good Luck and God Bless!

The Branch Family said...

Congratulations!! How exciting!!!

Hillary Jordan said...

Oh, BJ - congrats, dear! These pictures are priceless!! My favorite has to be the one of your sweet Momma & MIL, Mrs. Jane... two of the sweetest women I know. I'm thrilled for you, girlie. Your family is in my prayers.

Mindi said...

These are the sweetest pictures!! Congrats to all! I'm adding you to my blog :)