Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pregnant with TWINS!!!


I might just be the world's worst blogger. Yes, I have allowed 16 weeks to pass and I haven't said a word about this pregnancy on here.  Quick update: We are pregnant with TWINS!!  My official due date is July 7th, ironically, our wedding anniversary, but my doctor will take them via c-section the week of June 15th.  We are praying that I make it to that date.
I have always made fun of myself for having a blog because I really have/had no business blogging. What in the world do I have to say and who the heck cares? Well, now that I'm pregnant, I think this blog may be of great use to me. I'm not the best at documenting important events in my life.  Take our wedding weekend and honeymoon for instance, not a single picture!!  Thank goodness for friends and facebook!  Mark at least took a few on our honeymoon!  Anyway,  I'm turning over a new leaf.  I can't tell you what I would give to be able to have seen what my mother looked like when she was pregnant with me, or to read about how she was feeling and what she was thinking.   I also swore that I would never take pictures of my pregnant self, but you know what, I'm just so darn thankful to be pregnant, I don't really care anymore.  Hence, the picture above.  I will, however,  swear right here and now that there will be no pictures of my bare pregnant belly.  Just not gonna happen.  No offense to anyone who has or wants to, that's just not my thing.  So, I'm going to be updating this blog at least once a week so I can document the rest of this pregnancy.  One of these days I will sit down and write about the incredible journey that God brought us through to get to this point.  I will always consider these babies to be little miracles.  I'm still not sure I deserve such a blessing. 

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 16 weeks
Size of Babies: the babies are the size of avocados (5 ounces each)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained 1 pound, although I feel like I've gained 20!
Maternity Clothes: I alternate between maternity jeans and my regular stretchy jeans.  Very thankful for bellabands!
Gender: We go Wednesday, but we're not finding out until Friday!!  I'm dying!!  Mark is going with me Wednesday just to keep me honest and from not peeking into the envelope!
Movement: Nothing yet, but I can't wait!
Sleep: So far so good, I'm waking up a lot earlier than normal.
What I Miss: energy and my coffee
Cravings:  No cravings.  I just have the appetite of a truck driver.
Symptoms: I have been really sick, but I'm hoping that the worst is over.  
Best Moment of the Week: We got to see them again Monday.  Being pregnant with twins has lots of perks, and getting a sonogram once every few weeks is one of them.  I've already had 5!  I love getting that reassurance that everything is okay!


Megan said...

So excited to watch these babies grow and hear all about it!

katie ray said...

i can't wait to hear your news friday! glad you are back to blogging!

The Bordens said...

Congrats!!!!!!!! Someone told me that u were having twins:) Hope all is well:)

Taylor, Kellie, Morgan said...

So so glad you will be blogging about these sweet babies! I have been checking for an update. :) Really praying the sickness goes away soon for you!!

Whitney W. said...

This made me cry....I am so excited and happy for you, B.J. :) Can't wait to find out what these sweet babes are!!! Love you so so much!

Pregnancy Miracle said...

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