Monday, March 14, 2011


I cannot begin to tell you how hard it has been for us to agree on names.  Before we seriously started trying to start our family, Mark and I both had names that we were dead set on using.  We have gone around the world with names!  However, we ended up using Mark's name for our son,  and we came up with a different name for our little girl.  So... we cannot wait to welcome our son and daughter:

Henry Mitchell Mazurkiewicz


Harper Frances Mazurkiewicz

"Henry" is the name of both of Mark's grandfathers.  One was named Henry Mitchell and the other is Henry Mazurkiewicz.  So, we decided to blend both of their names together.  We kept going back and forth on what we would call him, Henry, or Mitchell, but we have settled on Henry, and I think it's just perfect.  

"Harper" is just a name that I really love.  Of coarse I'm reminded of Harper Lee, but I also have followed a blog for the past two years about a little girl named Harper and I fell even more in love with that name.  I think I knew for certain that we were going to use Harper when I read in People magazine that Kelly Kapowski, and Doogie Howser both had little girls last year and they used the name Harper.  I was extremely jealous that they had used "my" name! haha  Frances we chose because Mark's sweet grandmother, Mimi, was named Frances.  We will be able to tell our daughter that she was named after a very remarkable woman!

I will say that "Lily" was my name that I have always said I would use because that was my great grandmother's name.  I grew up hearing stories from my mom of her sweet grandmother.  That name has always been special, so if we are ever blessed enough to have another daughter, we will definitely be using that name.  I'm just putting that out there.  ;)

We have decided to go ahead and share our names so that our sweet friends and family can start praying for our children by name.  We have been blessed with wonderful prayer warriors for these babies.  We just ask that everyone continue to pray for them.  We still have a really long road ahead of us, so we covet your prayers.  We believe in the power of prayer, and we are just resting in knowing that God has a great big plan for both of these babies.  

  We can't wait to welcome our Henry and Harper!!!


Susanne said...

I can't wait to see your sweet bundles of joy and I am praying for them :-)

Megan said...

Love both of those! Love reading your updates!

Julie said...

I think they are lovely names B.J. It is so much fun following your blog. Keep it current as long as you feel like it. Julie Oliver

Anonymous said...

Love their names!! And they sound perfect together.

Hillary Jordan said...

I'm praying for Henry and Harper... and their mommy, BJ, too!

katie ray said...

i LOVE the names!!! can't wait to meet them, and will continue praying for them:)

Anonymous said...

I found your post on the net by chance and just had to comment to tell you I think Lily Mazurkiewicz is a lovely name... So lovely.. We have one! Our Lily Mazurkiewicz is 15 yrs old :-)