Wednesday, May 25, 2011

2 Weeks Old

We are two weeks old today and praising God for this milestone.  A LOT has happened since our last update.  For one, Henry is off of the oscillator!!  This past Friday they switched Henry from the oscillator, to a regular ventilator and he did great!!  That is such a HUGE praise!  After ten days of not being able to hold my little boy, I was able to finally hold my beautiful son late Friday afternoon.  He is so sweet, just like his sister.  Secondly, Henry was able to be transported to LeBonheur Sunday night.  All weekend I knew the plan was to move Henry to LeBonheur, but I was just sick over the fact that my babies weren't going to be together.  Selfishly, I wanted to be able to spend equal amounts of time with them both, together!  Well, Harper wasn't going to have her brother get all the attention from the big fancy hospital.  Late last week, actually the day after Mark updated the blog, her little tummy issues came back.  The surgeons from LeBonheur came back to the MED to revaluate her and decided to move her to LeBonheur late Monday night.  So now both of our babies are together at LeBonheur.  Mark and I are so happy to have them together, but we are going to miss everyone at the MED.  Those NICU nurses took such good care of our babies, and really, us too!  I was really emotional when we left for the last time.  I guess they were just there, with us, from the beginning.  We formed a bond with them and we are truly grateful for the incredible care they gave our babies.  Luckily, their precious neonatologist, Dr. Joi, will be at LeBonheur in a few weeks, so we will hopefully have her as our doctor again.  But, I will forever have a special place in my heart for The MED!   

Henry had a CT scan on Monday.  We had to wait for surgery to look at the images.  His surgeon came to talk with us this afternoon about the results.  Basically, she said the same thing that all of our doctors have said from the beginning.  We really won't know much until they operate and remove the tumor and we see what we're left with.  The tumor is large and right now it has distended the heart to the point that it has effected the left lung as well and is completely taking up the right lung cavity.  We were told today that Henry would not be making any more improvements until the tumor was removed.  Also, the longer we leave the tube from the ventilator in his trachea, the more at risk he becomes for infection, pneumonia, and possible lung damage.  So, the surgeons have decided that we need to have surgery sooner rather than later.  We are thinking it could possibly be in just a few short weeks.  I will update the blog the minute I find out the date.  

Harper is doing remarkably well.  Because of the distention in her belly, they did a barium enema on her yesterday.  Surgery said they could not see anything to be causing her problems.  So, they are going to start her again on feedings.  We are praying that the third time is the charm.  She has put on a few grams, and her little personality is starting to show again.  She had me very worried this past weekend.  Our little spitfire was just not herself.  If the issues come back after this feeding, the surgeons have ordered an upper GI.  We are praying this doesn't have to happen. 

Once again, Mark and I are so very grateful for your prayers and constant outpour of love for our sweet babies.  I have decided to just carry kleenex with me at all times, because I am constantly being reminded of God's love and mercy through each and every letter, email, facebook message, text, or voicemail I receive.  We are humbled and blessed.  

Much love,

B.J. and Mark

Our First Family Photo

Harper Girl Sound Asleep

snug as a bug in a rug

No pictures, please!!!

Henry, waking up from a nice, long nap


Sara Beth Stockton said...

Praising God each and every second for these adorable miracles, you, Mark and your families! It's in HIM, your family, friends, complete strangers and each other that you'll find the strength that you never knew you had all along. Much love to you all! SB

Dez said...

We are so excited about the progress the babies are making!
Praise God for his amazing hands.
Y'all are a beautiful little family!!!
Our family is continuing to pray for yours every day!

Dez and Jason Newcomb

RStimpson said...

What wonderful praise!! Mark and BJ, we are continually praying for you and Henry and Harper.
Robin and Dan Stimpson

John Allen and Jessica said...

God is taking such great care of ya'll and the babies! With each post, there seems to be encouraging news, however small the progress is, it's progress! I am so thankful and am still praying! I love the pictures! They are adorable - I know ya'll love the precious moments when you get to hold them!

Mary Ann Wilbanks said...

Your first family photo is so precious. You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Much love to all.

Kimble, Mary Ann, David and Grace Ann Wilbanks

elise said...

O my word, BJ, these pictures just melt my heart!!! Praising the Lord everyday that Harper and Henry are making such remarkable strides towards recovery. Praying that God continues to bless these sweet angels, as well as you and Mark!!

Much Love,
Elise J. Choate

Anonymous said...

Jett and I are praying for you everyday and at each meal. It is amazing to see our Lord work and heal. God bless you, Jett and Anne Wilson

Claire said...

The pictures are making me tear up! They are both so precious! I'm so happy for the progress they are both continuing to make! Love you all!

Leigh Ann said...

Love the pictures. Praying for your precious babies and for both of you during this difficult time.

Laura Kate said...

Pictures are precious. What a miracle they are! Praising God daily for his grace and mercy. Y'alls faith in this trying time is a wonderful example for us all.

Love y'all! Laura Kate and Colby

kelli said...

Please know prayers are going up continuously! Harper and Henry are beautiful!

Ginger Hancock said...

B.J., Those pictures are adorable! We are continuing to pray for these two precious miracles and for you and Mark. I knew you were going to be a great mother the night we brought Carson in and you helped Mark fix his two broken teeth after he and Austin had their little accident. I will never forget yours and Mark's kindness to him. God bless you all!

Anna said...

So thankful that the babies get to be together. Praying, praying, praying. Love you.

Living Outloud said...

I am praying for Harper and Henry tonight. and for ya'll, too, as very tired parents, i am sure.
Nancy Holcomb with Habitat for Hope

still_mb said...

Mark and BJ, This is great news! God is sooo good! Please know that I have been praying for you ever since Matt first told me about what was going on. Today is the first time I've been to your blog in a couple of weeks. I'm so glad it was today so I could get this wonderful news!

Mitzi Still