Monday, December 12, 2011

7 months

I'm a day late, but Henry and Harper were 7 months old yesterday!  All my friends with children told me how fast this time would pass, but I don't think I was really prepared for just how fast it goes.  My babies are no longer "little" babies.  I wish I could just bottle this time up and make it last forever!  

This is a busy week for us because we have 4 different appointments in Memphis for the babies.  As crazy as this sounds, I really love taking them to the doctor.  It's the only time that I get to leave the house WITH our babies, and just feel normal for a few hours.  I get to see our babies interact with the nurses and doctors and for just a little while I can imagine what life will be like once we get to leave the house and meet friends.    Henry had his surgical post op visit today, and I am so very thankful to say that his X-ray looked amazing.  Just three months ago his X-ray looked hazy, and there was still signs of scar tissue.  Plus, at that time, his lungs still had lots of room for maturing.  However, today's X-ray was perfect.  His lungs look "beautiful" as his doctor so eloquently put it.  Once again, I don't know why I'm surprised.  God has been with our sweet boy from the very beginning.  Even though his X-ray looks great, his doctor still stressed to us the importance of keeping him isolated, especially since the cold and flu season is upon us.  He said he was surprised Henry hasn't' had some sort of setback, but feels since we've been on "lock down" he has been able to avoid catching anything.  We continue to pray every day for protection over Henry and Harper from any illness this winter.
At 7 months Harper and Henry are now rolling around like crazy.  I think Harper will be crawling any day now.  Henry is still lagging behind a little, but he'll get there.  They both weigh around 15 pounds.  Henry still out weighs sister by 5 or 6 ounces.  We have started vegetables and oatmeal now.  Henry's favorite vegetable is green beans, and we've decided that Harper will eat anything!  Henry's appetite has improved a little, but not much.  We are still scheduled to go to the feeding clinic in January.

They are very aware of each other now, and it's getting very fun to watch them interact.  Henry now sleeps like a champ.  We put him down at 8:00 at night, and he doesn't wake up until around 6 in the morning.  Granted, we feed him at 11, but he doesn't generally wake up.  Harper girl is a different story altogether.  I don't believe any child fights sleep harder than Harper.  She goes to sleep around 8, but wakes up around midnight and then is up pretty much every hour after that.  We've had one night where Mark and I have woken up at 5:30 to realize that both babies have slept through the night.  I have to say though, as tired as I am when Harper wakes up, the fact that she is all smiles and so happy to see me sure makes the sleep loss bearable.  I think Mark would say the same thing.  

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