Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I've been HACKED!

If you have "subscribed" to this blog and have recently been receiving some weird emails from me, I apologize.  I received a text message tonight from a friend who got an email from the blog about buying drugs!  I can assure you that I did not send that email.  I checked my email, and then Mark checked my spam mail, and I had over 50 emails sent to me from my blog.  Anyway, I have reported it to Blogger, and I am hoping that they can fix the issue.  In the meantime, if you receive any weird emails from me, I am so sorry.  Please let me know if they continue.  My email is  Because this blog has been hacked, I have had to change the way you leave a comment.  You must now type in a word verification before your comment will post.  I hope this doesn't mean I won't receive comments anymore, but this blog is a family blog.  I post about my children and our daily activities, but the thing that is most important to me is our safety.  Thank you so much for understanding.

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