Wednesday, July 27, 2011

iPhone pictures

Just a few pictures from the past few days:

I promise she was smiling right before I took this picture

This one is for Amanda and Abby! :)

Little Rebel

Henry and Harper both sleep the exact same way. Arms above their heads.

Blowing kisses

Fascinated with something

Hanging out with his Sissy

We've had a busy week so far! We take Harper back to LeBonheur for her vision screening on Friday! Praying everything is normal. Henry is still fighting hard. His CO2 level is still high, so his homecoming won't be as soon as we were hoping. Please just keep our little man in your prayers. As much as we want him home, we pray that he will come home in God's perfect timing. Praying for peace while we wait!

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Anonymous said...

Ella used to sleep with her hands above her head too. So sweet! I look forward to your blog every week. Your such great parents. Can't wait to meet your sweet babies!
Krista Cartwright

Stacy said...

There is also a movie about the three trees. It is combined with a Hermie dvd. (If you don't know who Hermie is now, go to a Christian bookstore, amazing videos for kids). My twins (ages 6) both LOVE the three trees story. They were actually asking about it today. :)

We don't know you, but we have been praying for your precious babies!! We get the updates through Martha Jobe. We will keep praying for Henry and Harper!!

Stacy DeWees