Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Pictures from this past week and weekend:

Henry in his crib.  He LOVES his mobile!

Henry hanging out with daddy!  Henry is a future Red Sox fan in the making!

Getting a bubble bath!  

Not so sure bubble baths are his thing.

Fast asleep after a long day of tests.

Sweet Harper

She loves to be swaddled.  

Whoever coined the phrase, "Sleeps like a baby" obviously never spent the night with Harper girl!  She loves to stay up ALL night long! :)

Everyone who knows me well, knows how much I love my furry child.  However, after Henry and Harper were born with their issues, I was completely willing to let him live with my parents.  I was heartbroken about it, but my babies (of the non furry kind) and their well being mean more to me than anything else.  However, Mark urged me to talk with our doctor before making such a drastic change in our family, and yes, I consider Grover part of our family!  So, I have spoken in depth with three neonatologists, two respiratory therapists, and one pulmonalogist (lung doctor) about whether or not it was safe to have Grover living in our home with Henry and Harper.  Every single one of them told me that it would be perfectly fine to let Grover stay with us, as long as he did not stay in the same room in which Henry and Harper slept.  They all said Henry and Harper weren't going to be contracting RSV or the stomach bug from a dog.  Therefore, the entire upstairs of our home is OFF LIMITS to Grover.  Mark has installed a gate at the top of our stairs where Grover can't get through.  The picture above is Grover meeting Harper for the very first time.  

Harper thought Grover was pretty funny!

Grover is not so sure about Harper.

My mom text me this picture of Henry today.  He is just so sweet!

Henry snuggling with his Sissy.


Susanne said...

BJ, these pictures are so sweet.
Henry and Harper are little miracle babies. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. It has been so encouraging to see how God has blessed you all and blessed us through faith.

Tiffany said...

They are both beautiful!!! Is Henry on a wedge?? Omg. Those things are so hilarious. We called it the slope of doom haha! Coop hated it! Hope it is helping henry! We also have that precious elephant blanket Henry was laying on! I swear him and Cooper are destined to be pals! Still praying for them everyday!! Love you!! Ps. Is it just me, or does Henry look like his mommy???

Ada Gwen said...

Love the pictures of your precious little babies. I'm so glad that Grover can be a part of the family.

Carolyn Moore said...

Loving these new pictures and the progress Henry and Harper are making. Sounds like Harper is going to be active like my Sally was. My advice is to rest when u can as your rest is far more important than all chores being done. Good news is you will stay thin as you are working your buns off.ha

The Branch Family said...

I love seeing pictures of your sweet babies and reading about their progress! I cant get over how much Henry favors you! They are both just beautiful. Still praying!

Laurie Ledbetter Pritchett said...

BJ & Mark, I love Henry's little hands in the first picture! They are both so very precious. I'm praying for y'all every day.