Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy Labor Day

I am so very happy to report that Henry does NOT have pulmonary hypertension. Well, I should say he doesn't have it right now. The doctor would like for us to continue coming for EKG's just to keep a close watch on him in case he begins to develop it. This week we also had his blood gases checked, and I am so happy to say that his CO2 level was NORMAL!! What an answer to prayer!! Bless his heart, he's had a rough week, so we are taking this holiday weekend and relaxing! Lots of cuddle time for these two babies! My goal this weekend, if I don't do another thing, is to get sweet Harper on video smiling, and a video of Henry sneezing. It's the cutest thing in the world!

I realized today that this Labor Day weekend is the very first holiday that we get to spend as a family of four! I'm thanking God for His many blessings!! We have another rough week ahead as Henry is having a VERY MINOR surgical procedure on Wednesday! It's extremely routine, but I am still nervous! I will do a more detailed update next week on how that goes! Thank you all for your prayers! We continue to be humbled and blessed by the love being shown to our family! We are extremely grateful! Happy Labor Day!

Starting our Friday night with a little take out! :) Yummy!

Catching up on some movies! Watching movies these days is a little different! Lots of pauses to say the least!

Harper girl getting ready for bed!

She's discovered her tongue!

Sweet girl! Always so serious.

Henry getting ready for bed.

Always smiling! Such a happy baby!

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The Taylors said...

Thank you for sharing your precious ones with us. Know that we love you all and feel God's work in your journey through life with them.

God bless you all "real good"...

Jill and Johnny Taylor

Susanne said...

God has just blessed your little ones so. We love you and just stand amazed at what He can do. We love you all and pray for an nice, relaxing weekend for all of you. XX00XX