Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just a little set back...

Henry has been admitted to Magnolia Hospital. He had his shots Monday and seemed to be doing great, but yesterday afternoon he just quit eating. I wanted to wait until lunch today and see what our home health nurse thought. When he got to our house he said he wanted me to take him to Dr. Fowler because his breathing seemed to be more labored than usual. I immediately took him in and Dr. Fowler felt like he needed to be admitted to the hospital for tests and observation, with the possibility of having to be transferred to LeBonheur. His O2 sats were a little lower than we would like, so he has been placed on oxygen, but the plan is to try and wean him off tonight. He was dehydrated, so he has iv fluids to help keep him hydrated. Based on the tests this afternoon, we are thinking he might possibly have a viral infection. His xrays look good, and his blood gases were perfect, so we are hoping to get discharged tomorrow. Mark and I both have decided that we'll be cleaning our entire house with bleach this weekend, and may be asking every one who enters our home to wear a mask! (I'm joking about the mask!) Mark says he's not!
Please keep our little man in your prayers. I continue to pray that Henry and Harper will be able to avoid catching a cold, flu, viruses, and especially rsv in the months ahead. We are also praising God for blessing us with such a wonderful pediatrician and such a caring staff here at Magnolia! I know we are in great hands!

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