Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Two Little Pumpkins

This post is for the family and friends who haven't been able to meet H&H!!  They are just growing so fast!  Harper is right on the edge of starting to roll!  She lifts her head up like a big girl during tummy time.  I'm so proud of her.  Henry doesn't really like tummy time, but I think he's coming around.  We have a pediatric physical therapist that comes to work with the twins on Thursdays.  She is very pleased with the milestones they are hitting.  Their corrected age is almost 3 months while their actual age is almost 5 months.  However, I'm so happy to say that they are meeting almost every milestone for their actual age.  Having been born almost 9 weeks early, that is a HUGE praise!!!  

Harper loving her tummy time.  Sometimes I really think she's going to just start crawling!

Proof that Henry doesn't really care for it!

Tuckered out after a long workout.

I love that he sleeps with his little hands together.

We have to keep mittens on Harper.  Her little hands stay so cold!

Our little pumpkins in their pumpkin pajamas.

Henry was trying to roll over while we were taking these pictures.

Cute little pumpkin booties.

Henry is always smiling.  Harper has started smiling, just not for the camera.

Brother and sister love.

This is our bonus room that is next to the nursery.  This was formerly Mark's "man cave!"  This is where we spend 99.9 percent of our time these days.  Mark and I have moved upstairs for the time being.  You can tell the H&H have basically taken this room over as their own! 

Our first family photo outside of a hospital!  These people are my life!

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Brittany said...

They are beautiful BJ! So proud of you and Mark.