Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Short List

These little chicks have been teething like crazy! Harper girl cut her first tooth last weekend, and we are currently working on a second. Pictures to come! We haven't seen a tooth from Henry, but we can feel one. I'm sure it will make its debut soon. This momma is extremely tired. I've always heard my friends talk about how bad teething can be, but WOW, they really weren't joking!! Also, Henry has now been off of his meds (except for Prevacid and his nebulizer) for almost 2 weeks and he's doing great! Praise God for this milestone.

This may seem silly, but I read a magazine that does a "short list" of things that different celebrities love at the moment. I LOVE making lists, so I thought I would do my own version of a "short list!". Only this is a short list of baby/mommy stuff that I currently LOVE!!! So here goes...

Germ X- I have this stuff in every room in my house. I also keep it in my car and in my purse. From what I've read on LeBonheur's Facebook page, RSV is awful this year, so I feel like I can't use this stuff enough.


I love this stuff. I'm a hypochondriac, so any time I feel like I'm getting sick I drink this. (I drink it a lot!!)


The nurses in the NICU used saline in the babies' noses every day. So, I use this every day at home to keep their little noses from getting stuffy. I even use the regular version myself.


This is a liquid vitamin that the NICU used with the babies. I give it to them once a day in their bottles. I figure some extra vitamins and minerals can't hurt!


Right now, I LOVE this stuff! Poor Harper can hardly fall asleep without it.


I had a doctor tell me that she sees more allergic reactions from Johnson and Johnson products than with Aveeno products. Therefore, I use Baby Aveeno with the babies. Harper, unfortunately, is like her mom and has horrible dry skin. The baby Aveeno lotion is wonderful for her dry skin.


These are relatively cheap vitamins that give me a lot of energy! Right now, I'm needing all the energy I can get!


This is a white noise machine. The sounds seems to lull the babies to sleep. I can hear it through the baby monitor, and it even helps me fall asleep.


Speaking of baby monitor, this is THE BEST monitor in my humble opinion. Mark and I made a promise to each other that we would not let the babies sleep with us. This monitor allows me to see them, and hear every move they make. I sleep with it right beside me, so it really feels like they are right next to me at night. It's very comforting. I highly recommend this brand!


This jumper provides lots of entertainment for my two kiddos. It allows me to do a few things around the house, too! I'm very grateful to Santa for this awesome gift he left for the twins.

So, that's what I'm currently loving right now. I'd love to hear of some things that YOU currently love. Especially if it pertains to babies!!

Happy list making! :)

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