Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Update and iPhone pics

Yesterday, we had Henry's pulmonology visit. For almost three weeks Henry has been completely off the sodium chloride and hydrochlorothiazide and I was anxious to let his doctor examine him. So far, he seems to be doing great! Dr. Shumacher said his lungs sounded wonderful and for us to keep up the good work. He even cut his Flovent dose in half. So now, instead of 4 puffs a day, we can just do two! Yay!!!

Harper girl is still teething and poor thing is miserable. It's caused her little nose to be stuffy and she just doesn't feel good. We'll be so ready for this teething mess to be over.

One of the questions I get a lot is when EXACTLY will we be able to take the babies "out?" My answer to that question is that there really is no set date as to when we have the green light to get out and about. If it were summertime right now, then we'd be getting the babies out. Unfortunately, it's cold and flu season, and therefore we just can't. So, we are still on "lock down" until warmer weather or until RSV season ends. Let me tell you, I've never been more ready for warmer weather in my life! It can't get here fast enough! I'm so extremely grateful to so many people who have prayed and are continuing to pray for us. I can't wait to introduce Harper and Henry to those people that Mark and I love so dearly! Hurry up warm weather!!!

Below are just a few pics from my phone:

Henry didn't think this was funny!

Harper is getting a little hair, bless her heart.

Having fun with daddy

Big boy at the doctor

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