Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Happy February!! We're still here! I realized today that I haven't updated the blog in a while. Everything is good, we're just dragging a little. Harper and Henry are still teething and it's about to kill Mark and me. Harper has two little teeth on the bottom that finally cut through. We're still waiting on Henry's. Between the two of them, Mark and I are getting up just about every hour through the night. Our friends keep telling us to just let them cry it out. So, last weekend Mark and I were on a mission to do just that! Well, we lasted all of maybe 10 minutes and then we caved. I just can't stand to hear them cry, especially now that Harper is saying her first word!!! That's right, Harper said her first word last week! I thought maybe it was just a coincidence, but any time she's in her crib and wants something (mainly to be held) she starts saying this word! Ugh, melts my heart every time! I'm posting a video of her saying it below. I'm also going to post a video of what Henry likes to say! For our friends and family who still check the blog, I promise to do a better job of updating!!

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

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Megan said...

TOO CUTE! Love it!

holl5481 said...

sweet, precious babies...thanks for sharing... : )