Friday, February 17, 2012

Going to the Chapel...

I thought I would post a few pictures from the past few days.  We had a very sweet Valentine's day.  Mark brought home Harper's very first bouquet of flowers and he even cooked me dinner.  Any time he offers to cook, I request his chicken.  I think he may put "crack" in the marinade because it's so good. (Joking, I think!)  It was a very sweet day because it was spent with the 3 people I love most in this world.  

 Harper looking at her first Valentine's gift from her daddy.

 It was so funny.  She kept looking at me like, "Am I supposed to eat this??"
 Mark didn't forget flowers for me, either.  

 Roses from my parents, and tulips from my father-in-law.  So sweet.  

 This is where Harper and Henry hang out while mommy gets ready.  They love it, although, it doesn't seem so in this picture.  Ha!
 My sweet little man

Then, the day after Valentine's Day, my sister got engaged!!!!  To say that it's about time would be the understatement of the year!!  I know she was completely surprised and not expecting it AT ALL!!  Nate did everything himself and it was THE sweetest, most romantic proposal.  Next to mine of coarse! ;)  On Valentine's night, he called the family and asked us to meet him the following night at a restaurant that is just a block from my sister's apartment.  So, we were able to celebrate with the newly betrothed couple right after he proposed.  I would tell how he did it, but I feel like that is their sweet story to share.  We had a wonderful night celebrating.  Mark was sweet and stayed home with the babies so I could go and celebrate.  I couldn't be happier for my sister.  I love Nate.  I should say, WE love Nate.  I'm very proud to "officially" add him to our family.

 Nate's mom Cathy had this banner made.  

 My nieces Ava and Ashley, beautiful girls
 Nate's precious niece, Hattie.  Isn't she adorable!

 The newly engaged couple

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Robin said...

Congratulations to your sister! I love the look on Henry and Harpers faces while they are "hanging" around.