Saturday, June 1, 2013

"I'm Two!"

     "I'm two!"  This is the phrase Henry and Harper yell when I ask them how old they are now.  I'm still trying to wrap my head (and heart) around the fact that my "babies" are now full fledged toddlers.  I have done a horrible job with documenting their second year of life here on the blog.  I'm hoping to be better.
     Mark and I decided that this year we would have a small family birthday party here at our house.  Their birthday falls on Mother's Day weekend, so it was very nice for us to have both of our moms here to celebrate.  We are so grateful that God has brought Henry and Harper so far in the last two years.  One of my favorite books that I read to the babies is On the Night You Were Born.  A NICU mentor gave that book to me while we were at LeBonheur.  I read it to them the night before their birthday and just cried thinking about the night they were actually born. (If you don't own that book, go buy it! Now!  It's so sweet!)  I am so grateful to say that we have perfectly healthy two year olds who are hitting every milestone and growing and just being normal two year olds.  To God be the glory!!

Below are some pictures of our birthday weekend:
 The morning before their birthday we went to Lloyd's Cafe and had pancakes.  Henry and Harper love using the coffee creamers as little cups for their juice.  Henry cracks me up with his wild hair.  

Stocking up for the fun weekend ahead.  I'm ashamed to admit this, but this was only the second or third time I've ever taken them to the grocery store.  (Before you judge me, you are welcome to tag along and see how much "fun" it is!) ;)

 The sweet birthday cakes Sissy made for the kiddos.  I'm so thankful to have a pastry chef for a sister!

Pizza is their favorite food by far!  So pizza is what we had for their birthday lunch!

Henry hasn't quite mastered holding up his two fingers when he's saying "two."

Harper loved the attention when we all sang Happy Birthday.  She and Henry have been singing the happy birthday song almost every day since.

The only family shot we got!

Harper loves her cousins.

Henry loves Ty and Quinn.  We hadn't seen them since their first birthday party, so it was so fun to hang out with them.  They've grown a lot, too!

Mark and I grilled out for our moms for Mother's Day.  My sister and I are very blessed with a really awesome mom.  I don't tell her enough how grateful I am for her. 

And I am so grateful that these two call me momma.  

The Monday after their birthday we had a 2 year wellness visit.  I took this picture and had to post.  If you can't tell, Harper is the boss!   She tells Henry every move to make and Henry adores her.  

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