Monday, June 3, 2013

Playing Catch Up...

May was a super busy month for us!  While the twins celebrated their second birthday in May, we also had the end of the school year (mother's day out) and Memorial Day to celebrate as well.  

They love their little chairs.  This is our snack spot!

Henry riding the John Deere with Granddaddy.  I don't think I've ever seen him this happy!

I had to share!  Harper and Henry's Spring day school picture!  Be still my heart!

Last day of day school!  The first day I left them back in August, we all three cried!  On the last day, Harper slammed the classroom door on me and I heard her yell, "Bye Momma!"  To say they LOVE school is an understatement.  We had some pretty terrific teachers.  If you want to see just how fast two babies can grow in just 9 months, check out the post of when we first started day school back in August!  Time sure is flying by!

We went to the Zoo for the first time!

I'm thinking they were a little too young to really appreciate all the zoo had to offer.  They were most impressed with the ducks, and that was about it!  We still had a blast!

We got very close to the farm animals and they loved it!

And of coarse, no trip to midtown is complete without stopping by Cafe Eclectic for lunch!  The month of May sure was fun, and so far, June is shaping up to be a pretty fun month too!

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