Friday, June 21, 2013

Kids Say the Darndest Things...

Mark and I are always cracking up over the things the kids are saying these days, or the way they actually say them.  I thought I would take a moment and document some things that we hear on a daily basis.

-Yesh- for yes (she sounds so sophisticated when she says it too!  cracks us up!)
-Shishy for Sissy
-No, I do it! (We hear this ALL the time!)
-Henwy= Henry
-Tinkle tinkle little scar (Sung in the sweetest little voice you've ever heard!)
-Mushic= Music
-Momma, yook!
-Bye bye, see you in a min-it
-Need a pashi wight now! 
-Need some miulk wight now!= Need some milk right now!
-"Oh my sew!"  Singing 10,000 Reasons
-Bebe doll
-Gan-gandmommy (What she calls my mom, Grandmommy.)
-Gobah= Grover (our dog)

-Hemmy (Referring to himself in the third person)
-No, Hemmy's (He's a little territorial!)
-I yove you!
-Aahpah= Harper
-Uses f for the "tr" sound!  (So you can imagine how I cringe EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. he says truck!  Especially dump truck!  I've been praying he will refrain from shouting this out while we're at church!)
-Do- nuts = Dough nuts
-Wock for a minute= Rock for a minute (He begs to do this every night so he can stay up later!)
-Sue-man = Super Man
-Mista  Man= any one that Henry sees and doesn't know.
-Miss Taweesa (Teresa) What he calls his day-school teacher.
-TB on= TV on
-I wanna hoad you!
-Grandy= Grandaddy
-Goop hug= group hug (We do group hugs at our house!)
-Honey bicket= Honey biscuit
-Damana= banana
Below are some pics from the past few weeks:

Sweet baby girl

My little Super girl!

Playing at VBS

Picking mommy a flower.  Love my sweet boy.

 "Wocking" for just another minute! ;)

VBS (Singing in front of the church!)

They decided to sit down during the performance! Ha

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