Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A First...

Well, I did something this morning that I vowed I would never do as a parent! At 3:47 a.m., after being up almost every 30 minutes with Harper, I finally put her in our bed! I can't say that it helped me, but Harper was able to finally go to sleep and sleep for longer than 20 minutes at a time. Mommy and daddy didn't get much sleep, but baby girl was able to sleep until 7 this morning. I feel a little defeated, but I was at my breaking point. I think we all have those moments. I won't make this a habit, but I certainly won't be saying, "never," again! I'm not saying that there is ANYTHING wrong with parents who let their kids sleep with them, but it's just not for us! I'm praying that tonight will be better.

And now, some pictures for the grandparents:

The little stinker in mommy and daddy's bed!

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The Branch Family said...

Your babies are precious.
We vowed we would never let our children sleep in our bed either. BUT it's happened twice at least. I got so mad at myself when I woke up and saw her laying in my arms or on my chest. BUT we are human and I had been so sleep deprived that I wasn't thinking about it at the time. I love seeing you post pictures of your sweeties!!

Kim said...

My kids all slept in our bed for their first 3 months or so. It made us all sleep much better. One night won't hurt anything! :)