Friday, March 2, 2012

Sweet babies

Not too much to report from the Maz family. We've had a long week of teething and restless nights. Poor babies are having a rough go of this cutting teeth business, and mom and dad are too! We're planning on having a very low-key weekend. I've got several recipes from Pinterest that I'm going to try, so I'll post some pictures and recipes of the ones we like! (I'm officially addicted to Pinterest!)
Below are a few pictures and videos from the past week.

Mommy's little early birds

Definitely a momma's boy

Playing dress up. My mom got these sailor suits because I had one when I was a baby. I think they look adorable.

Sneak peek at our 9 month pics

YouTube Video

Such a happy girl

YouTube Video

Just hanging around
We hope everyone has a great weekend.
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