Monday, May 21, 2012

12 Months

I can't believe that 12 months have come and gone.  Harper and Henry turned 1 year old last Friday.  Over the next few days, I'm going to try and update the blog with pictures from our BIG birthday weekend.
We have some friends who have made it a tradition with their children that on the day of their actual birthday, they spend that day together, as a family.  No parties, no friends over, just their family.  Mark and I just LOVE that tradition, so we've adopted it for our family, too.  On Friday, Mark took the day off and we just spent the day doing things we loved with our sweet babies.  We woke up and had pancakes, played with new toys, had lunch at McAllister's, stopped by my parents for a visit, and finished up with dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.  It was a perfect day.  A far cry from the day they were born a year ago.  I look back on that day and it seems like a blur.  I am so thankful for this blog.  I went back, here, and read what I wrote just three days after the babies were born.  I remember it was too hard to update the blog the day they were born.  At times, I really can't believe how far we've come.  I continue to praise God for his mercy and love that He poured over us this last year.  I'm not sure if I will EVER get over how God took this last year, and changed my life.  

Harper and Henry,
You have brought so much joy to our lives.   Harper, you are crawling and "cruising" all the time now.  I think you'll be walking very soon.  Henry, you are "army" crawling everywhere, and recently you started trying to pull up on things.  You both weigh 20 pounds, and both LOVE food!  You both are talking, and it seems you have a language all your own.  You love playing together.  I hear you in the mornings just laughing at each other.  It's so sweet.  Henry, you love to try and "love" on Harper, but Harper doesn't like it too much.  You are the sweetest child.  You smile at everyone, and you are just laid back and easy.  You give the best hugs, and recently, you started patting me when I'm holding you.  Harper, you are a spit-fire, and have been since day one.  Daddy and I LOVE this about you, and I pray you never change.  You are independent, and sassy, and it's the cutest thing I've ever seen.  Since we are getting out more, I have noticed that you are the shy one in public, and Henry, you are a little social butterfly.  You don't meet a stranger.  I feel like you both are learning so much right now.  I wish we could make time slow down just a little bit.  Some nights Daddy and I will sit up and look at all the pictures we've taken of you both over the last year, and we miss you being really little.  We still have moments where we look at each other and say, "Those are our kids!"  It is such a HUGE responsibility God has given us, but I thank Him everyday for choosing Daddy and me to be your parents.  I am so proud of you both.  There is NOTHING that you could ever do to make me stop loving you.  Happy birthday, my sweet angel babies.  I can't wait to see what God has in store for us this next year.  I love you so!

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