Monday, May 28, 2012

What a Difference a Year Makes

Last Monday, Mark and I took Harper and Henry back to the place where it all started.  I know it has been a year, but for us, it doesn't seem that long ago.  I also know that those doctors and nurses see hundreds of babies a year, but to us, they will always hold a special place in our hearts.  What we went through was awful, but God placed some of the most loving and caring people in our path.  I am blessed for knowing each and every one of them.  A friend described NICU doctors and nurses as, "angels in scrubs," and I couldn't agree more.  I was so sad that there were so many of the nurses that we didn't get to see during this visit, but we will definitely keep going back until we can say hello to them all.

Our first stop was the Fetal Center at Le Bonheur.  This is Dr. Mari.  He is the head of the department and basically a rock star in his field.  (Most of the pictures below are courtesy of Dr. Jacques Samson!)

This is Mrs. Janet Tucker.  She is the patient coordinator and director of the Fetal Center.  She is so precious to us!

Catching up with sweet Kelly!  She, and her partner-in-crime Laura, kept me sane while I was a patient at the Med.  We missed seeing Laura, but we'll see her next time.  Kelly is a sonographer.  I am fascinated with sonography now, thanks to them!  

Seeing Aunt Joi!  We love her so very much!  

 Henry hanging out with Aunt Joi and Uncle Jacques.  Jacques delivered Harper and Henry.  There are no words to describe how much we love this couple!  They're just awesome!
Harper showing off her mad skills.  She is a walking (assisted, of coarse) machine!

Henry with Jennie.  He loved her so much. 

Harper with Leslie

After the Fetal Center and Le Bonheur NICU, we headed over to the Med's NICU to see all of our friends.

Just a few of the nurses that we got to know and love while we were there.   Henry looks a LOT different know than he did while he was here.
Seeing Dr. Ferguson.  This is another neonatologist that we had, only we had him while we were at Le Bonheur.  He is just awesome.

He even got a wave out of Henry!

Catching up with everyone

Henry waving "bye bye" to everyone

And we were so excited to see Dr. Ravi, too.  Dr. Ravi is the doctor who extubated Henry and also took him off of the nasal cannula.  He was also the doctor on call the day Henry had his surgery.  I think I might of made him a little uncomfortable that day because I grabbed him and bear hugged him when he told me Henry was going to be okay.  :)

Family picture 

And of coarse, I could not visit the Med without seeing my friends on the 4th floor.  These women took such good care of me, and well, my entire family for the 5 1/2 weeks I was there.

 While we were there, I was able to finally meet Jamie Anderson.  She is from my hometown but we did not know each other.  She and her husband found themselves in a situation very similar to ours.  Her twins were born at the Med.  On this day that we got to meet, they were bringing their little boy home.  Praise God!  Their little girl is still there, but she is improving each day.  

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Anonymous said...

B j you have inspired me so much through our journey here. You are the the doctors and nurses here do not get the credit they deserve. Lily is 100 days old today 7/3/2012 she is fighting we are still fighting this lung because she was on the vent for so long it has done some damaged but we serve a mighty God I keep thinking back to the miracle he performed for Henry and that keeps me going. I'm so glad we met through this without you I could not have done it. You are my biggest blessing besides my twins (lol) we love you guys!!!