Sunday, June 10, 2012

On the move...

The past few weeks have been super busy for us! For one, we officially sold our house. We have been busy packing, and looking for a place to temporarily live. We quickly learned that there are very few rent houses in our little town. Thankfully, when we had just about given up finding anything, we got a phone call about a cute little house that was available for rent. It is perfect for us. It's precious and we have wonderful neighbors. Mark and I definitely feel that God's hand was in the entire process.

Secondly, Harper girl is walking!!! Well, she's beginning to walk. Last week, my niece Ashley got her to take three steps. Since then, she's getting braver and braver! I was able to be there to see her walk and I even got her first few steps on video. Henry is not far behind. He has begun to pull up and cruise along the furniture. He still likes to army crawl, but lately he's even started to crawl on all fours. It's just amazing how fast these babies are progressing. The thought of them both walking has started to become real for me. Life as I know it is about to change once again. Ha ha!!

During this move we have not had Internet, but now that we are settled, I hope to blog a lot more about our summer adventures.

Saying goodbye to our home. It was definitely bittersweet! Lots of wonderful memories were made in that home!

Breakfast at my parent's house. We stayed with them for a few days during the move! I'm not sure what Mark and I would have done without them! Gratitude does not even cover it!

We thought since we were changing everything we've ever known, why not go ahead and try facing forward in our carseats! These babies LOVED it!

Harper riding her princess car with Ashley!

Henry loves his new playroom! Harper was too busy playing to take a picture.

They love their rockers. Harper looks very sassy in this picture. I think it captures her little independent spirit perfectly.

YouTube Video

Harper taking her first few steps!

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Carla said...

Moving out is definitely one of the most stressful situations ever, and each person learns how to manage the whole thing. Having babies around, makes things harder because one knows that they can be attached to their rooms or familiar spaces inside the house. that is why the place where you move to needs to have a similar distribution, or at least the colors should be similar so that kids don´t feel shocked. I travelled to Argentina with my twins who are a year. I told the lady from the Buenos Aires temporary rent that I needed a place that had orange walls in the bedrooms because that was the colors of the walls in our place back home. The lady got one perfect for us and vacations went great!