Thursday, June 21, 2012


By God's grace, I can laugh as I type this update.  The first week we lived in our rent house, we had a pretty massive tree fall during a storm.  Typically, this would not even concern me, but this tree fell a little too close for comfort.  If it had been a foot closer to the house, the tree would have come through the window of the babies' playroom, where the babies were playing.  Anyway, I wanted to make sure to document this because I pray this NEVER happens to us again.  

 Side view of the tree

The stump was taller than Mark

 You could not even see the house from the street.  The tree was HUGE!

 The view from the front door

 These two cuties sure had fun looking at the big tree.
The view from the playroom window.  God is good!


Leah McQueen said...

Thank you God for constant provision and protection!

katie ray said...

So scary! I'm glad everyone is ok! Hope to see your sweet family sometime this summer!