Thursday, August 9, 2012

Baby Steps

This sweet little face...

finally took a few steps for mommy and daddy. Actually, he took a few steps for his aunt Bec Bec.

Last night, my sister in law Becky, stopped by for a minute to visit. We were telling her that Henry was finally brave enough to take a step or two, and then Henry decided to show out. Luckily, I had my phone handy and was able to get his first "real" attempt at walking on video. We are so excited!! Woohoo! Look out world, this little fella is on the move!

YouTube Video

Two things about this video that I think are adorable...
1.) the way Henry twists his wrist as he walks.

2.) the way he looks back at Mark as if he were saying, "See daddy, I did it!!"

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