Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 28

Today we went to the doctor to get H&H's RSV vaccines, and to get the first round of Henry's 6 month shots. As busy as we've been this weekend, I had forgotten about this appointment until late last night. I guess that's a good thing considering I got a knot in my stomach the second I remembered. I am thankful that so far, our little man seems to be doing great. We have hoped and prayed that he would be big enough for these rounds of shots to not bother him. We did find out that he has lost a little weight. We are praying that his appetite returns and that he gets over his aversion to the bottle ASAP! I know babies lose weight sometimes, but our little man burns twice the amount of calories than a normal healthy baby just by working so hard to breathe, so any time he loses weight I'm going to get scared. We will be going once a week to Dr. Fowler this month so we will be able to closely monitor his weight gain or loss. We are scheduled to go to the feeding clinic at LeBonheur in January but I'm praying that visit won't be necessary by then.

Harper girl of coarse did awesome. I'm so thankful that she is just growing and getting stronger and stronger. You would never know that she weighed 2 pounds just 6 months ago! Our little chicken nugget has turned into our little butterball!

Very thankful today and every day for these two kiddos.

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Tiffany said...

BJ, get him in feeding as soon as possible! Even if it isn't necessary in January, keep them in your back pocket :) Its hard to get in, and make sure you keep Henry on their minds!--Feeding is our #1 issue, other than this darn reflux! How is Henrys reflux? We also are on the RSV vaccine program--thank goodness! It was VERY difficult getting our insurance to pay because he wasn't a preemie, but as of a week ago, THEY APPROVED US! Henry and Harper are so precious...I think of all of you very often..we are pretty much back in seclusion until March too...YUCK! BUT soon enough, we will be taking our babies on play dates...hopefully with each other someday! Love to all of you!