Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 9

Sweet Harper and her bear (iPhone picture, so it's a little blurry)

Henry loves his bear

Day 9:

I am thankful for...

- being able to take a nap this afternoon thanks to my mom.  I'm don't nap, so when I do, it's from sheer exhaustion.

- Hope, Mr. John, and Vicki, the sweet physical therapists that come and work with Harper and Henry.  H&H have really improved thanks to them, and Mark and I are learning a lot, too.

- Joey, our home health nurse, who comes each week to weigh the twins, and listen to Henry's lungs.  He just loves H&H, and they love him.

- coffee.  I could drink it all day long.

- premixed formula.  Call me lazy, but with twins, anything that makes my life a little easier is worth it in my book.

-  Dr. Pepper 10.  I am not a fan of diet drinks.  I've never been able to stand the taste.  Dr. Pepper 10 tastes just like the real thing.  Love it!

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