Saturday, November 19, 2011

Days 17-19

Harper girl ready to try sweet peas for the very first time.

Not really sure about them


Henry is not so sure

trying them

not his favorite

too funny

We had to play to make up for those nasty peas

Thankful challenge Days 17-19:

I've sort of fallen behind on this challenge, but I'm trying!!!!

I am thankful for...

-the time that I have been able to be home with my babies.  I cherish every minute.

- being able to "sleep in" on Saturdays, thanks to Mark.  However, "sleeping in" for us is waking up around 7 am as opposed to 5 am.  It's amazing how much those 2 extra hours make in my day.  

- being able to keep in touch with friends that we made at LeBonheur.  Facebook is a wonderful thing sometimes.  I love seeing pictures of sweet babies that I continue to pray for as well as some of the sweet doctors and nurses who cared for H&H. 

- a very sweet friend who called to tell me she had a cold and understood completely when I had to cancel our plans.  Plans that we had made well over a month ago!  I am so very grateful that God has placed some really special friends in my life. 

-the fact that Mark only has to work 2 days next week!  I love, love when he is home with us!! 

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so sweet!!! :-)